As an artist my goal is to create artwork that stirs an emotion within the viewer.  I prefer to view and create artwork that is unique, textured and dynamic in design.  My goal as a sculptor is to create pieces that visually instills an interpretation of strength, movement and beauty.  Even sculptures of a still object can create a sense of movement or thought by adding little subtleties to the art.

Having the ability to create the images that dance around in my imagination is a gift and I am grateful for that gift.  Having an influence on others using your gift is a real treasure and reward for all the hard work that goes into each individual piece.  I’ve been an artist all my life and ever since I could hold a crayon in my hand I have been putting some type of drawing or design on paper.  However, after college and joining the business world I set aside my art and learned the hard way that a gift unused will eventually go away.  It wasn’t until late 2003 that I discovered a rebirth in my passion for art through a different medium … sculpting.  I’m a self-taught sculptor and enjoy the challenges and lessons that this craft teaches me every day.

What I personally love the most about sculpture is that the three dimensional arts creates different feelings and moods by simply adjusting the angle the artwork is viewed at.  After all, not only are sculptures visually stimulating, they alsocreate a physical association with the artwork when touched.  I still love 2D art but for me, at this time in my life, sculpting is my true passion and the art that I most enjoy sharing with the world.

Gerald Gore