Playing with Wax

June 15th, 2008 by Gerald

I’ve been wanting to try wax out for some time now so I finally decided to bite the bullet and give it try.  There is a bit of learning curve with wax and the more I play with it the more my comfort level increases with the product.  I did have the same issue when I started sculpting with polymer clays a few years back but over time I learned a lot from the medium. 

So far I like it and with a few adjustments here and there I’m making pretty good progress on a new piece.  The specific wax that I am using is called FUSE.  I decided to give FUSE a try because it does have similar properties to polymer clay.  When heated it has a very doughy feel to it and becomes rock hard once it cools. 

Haven’t decided on the official name for my new piece but basically it will be centered around the theme of Altantis (probably something like Guardian of Atlantis).  The sculpture is a work-in-progress of a female soldier riding on a giant seahorse. 


Girl on seahorse - fantasy art